"Daily life contains mysteries that unfold in ever-present Nature." I make these current vessels and paintings so that the Self (my Self) can have a more direct relationship with the natural world in which I live. I'd also like to share my art with you so that we can connect via our emotions. It's my hope that my art contains a spiritual presence so that you and I can exist in the moment and reflect daily on the things we often lose sight of... our reciprocal relationship with Nature. 

Spiritually, I feel deeply connected to my Norwegian ancestors, and I relate to the Scandinavian design tendency toward simplicity. I moved to California so that I could spend time outdoors for my health and wellbeing and then translate that sense into my art. 

Here is one of my favorite quotes by author Robin Wall Kimmerer: “Paying attention is a form of reciprocity with the living world, receiving the gifts with open eyes and open heart.”


After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts (in graphic design) from Rhode Island School of Design, Susan attended  Silvermine School of Art, UC Berkeley and New York Studio School. (Click here to see daily work at a NYSS Painting Marathon).  She was mentored by Yale School of Art Professor Robert Reed (2000-2003) and was a ceramic assistant to internationally renowned potter and interior designer Jonathan Adler (2007-08, 2017-18). She is currently a member of The Berkeley Potters Studio .


Susan Gravdahl grew up in a mundane brick house on a noisy highway where she found the perfect place to combat boredom. Her self-directed adventures turned crows into kings and dirt mounds into Viking ships. Today, she seeks Beauty & Truth by expressing her thoughts and feelings through art.
When forming vessels, drawings, or paintings, she feels as though she’s in the clay or paint, meeting her subject there. Susan’s ceramics are described as pure, and her drawings as light and dark combatants, perhaps reflecting the Id. Her artwork has been featured at West Coast Craft, The Drawing Room Annex in SF, and the Fairfax Artwalk.


susan@susangravdahlfineart.com. "